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I've been applying to all sorts of places on craigslist todayBNVshark123310/15 7:52PM
I can't stop buying those Walking Dead Funko mystery box figuresJoanOfArcade410/15 7:49PM
I don't understand the thought process of...
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BNVshark1231110/15 7:45PM
Would you trust a fat nutritionist or a muscular athlete? (Poll)
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yourDaddie6210/15 7:45PM
Welp, his convinced me to buy Professor Layton vs P. WrightJunpeiclover310/15 7:40PM
saucekay is a punkhelIy110/15 7:25PM
FFS The Pokemon Demo was hacked (spolers)Judgmenl610/15 7:24PM
What is your favorite sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings?
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Storrac3210/15 7:19PM
Faith No More to release new single "Motherf***er", plus Fantomas boxFar-Queue510/15 7:11PM
I'm at Dutch Kills. Where are you?knightoffire55110/15 7:04PM
The last 3 videogames you bought?
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Slayer78615410/15 6:58PM
When was the last time you saw a NON #2 pencil?
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davf1352010/15 6:56PM
Jesus, the ski club here is outrageousBNVshark123210/15 6:47PM
Alien Isolation is a lot of fun so farJoanOfArcade610/15 6:47PM
I've got cred!frybrain0094310/15 6:38PM
Why does there seem to be an endless amount of nude selfies on the internet?
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YOLO_SwagItOut2510/15 6:32PM
Dungeons and Dragons: Paladin Going off the Rails...JediMutant1010/15 6:26PM
Fallout 3 in stores now. (Poll)knightoffire55310/15 6:25PM
Last three places I was tagged on facebook are Ocean Cliff Hotel, Grill 23...ASlaveObeys110/15 6:21PM
Royals in the World Series!Hm64 007610/15 6:17PM