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Just finished the elite four on Pokemon ORASJoanOfArcade211/23 7:48PM
Is this guy related to Shenti?
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Super_Thug441311/23 7:48PM
Does this poster go to Penn State? Day 1: BNVShark123 (Poll)
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bachewychomp1511/23 7:24PM
How can tell difference between boredom and is tired?
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Lokarin1211/23 7:19PM
I turn 21 in 8 days, recommend me drinks
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Muscles_4204011/23 7:17PM
Had gay sex for the first time last night
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Junpeiclover1511/23 7:09PM
I don't know if I'm in love with OoT anymorebachewychomp811/23 7:03PM
Thinking about having a sex change to become a man.
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DumbGimmickName1311/23 6:53PM
walking dead topicMuscles_420311/23 6:49PM
Why did Sony take this down?Metro2111/23 6:44PM
I just heard Scatman John for the first timeJoanOfArcade911/23 6:44PM
Top 5 Games on Steam WishlistDmess85511/23 6:35PM
My roomies (and one bro) have been shouting at their WoWs for, like, 3 days...Lokarin811/23 6:34PM
Tecumsehargonautweekynd211/23 6:18PM
Stamps vs EskimosOgurisama311/23 6:15PM
ITT: Random humorous* images
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keyblader19855011/23 6:07PM
Just finished watching Attack on Titan... I don't see what the fuss is about.
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Dynalo1711/23 6:05PM
I wish I could write like this creepypastw authorZikten311/23 6:00PM
ITT: Based on our usernames, we assume why others will go to jail someday...
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SrRd_RacinG1511/23 5:58PM
This video made me cry with laughter. What about you?SunWuKung420311/23 5:52PM