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If love is a battlefield... (Closed)TheWorstPoster52/26 4:19PM
Oh, so they're trying to outlaw ammunition now?
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NeoSioType452/26 4:17PM
Why do Anglo people care so much about Grammar?yourDaddie42/26 4:14PM
Should Halal and Krosher meat be banned for animal cruelty? (Poll)yourDaddie62/26 4:11PM
Suppose there was going to be a major rule change which you have no control overTheWorstPoster62/26 3:55PM
Why don't companies that produce poptarts and starbursts go halal?
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JanwayDaahl172/26 3:41PM
So review sites love JRPGS again?yourDaddie12/26 3:37PM
The problem with net neutrality is that it's too basicLokarin32/26 3:34PM
i like to steal sweets from my brothersGreenfox11122/26 3:34PM
Sometimes, some crimes go slipping through the crack...Chef_Excellence32/26 3:29PM
That Hunger game looks pretty cool.DelectableTears62/26 3:28PM
Do you think ICOYAR existed? (Poll)
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Does Bravely Default have an actual GOOD story?
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PSN Spring Fever ' so SO many good games coming.
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who would win the religious troll off?Muscles_42042/26 3:22PM