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Anypony here like apples as much as I do?AppleduckSeason38/21 2:30AM
This 20 y/o Marine came home to surprise his little brother..but Died in a Crash
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Borderlands 2 free weekend. I plan on playing a lot tomorrowGanonsSpirit68/21 2:23AM
Which of these ten songs from Quentin Tarantino movies do you like most? (Poll)
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WastelandCowboy168/21 2:13AM
habits of boring peoplemayu78048/21 2:10AM
you know what? Avatars help me remember which user is who
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TwyliteSprinkle318/21 2:04AM
Every argument with someone that hates Persona 4 ends up like this
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Raganork10118/21 2:02AM
Taco...just what...
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How do I prepare to read the ASOIAF books?
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Storrac518/21 1:16AM
Chill out / Late Night Boredom Topic part 8
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that sweet... indulgent fluid...acesxhigh18/21 1:00AM
What are your favorite subreddits?JigsawThought98/21 12:56AM
I had a sadistic pleasure out of torturing my Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.Metro218/21 12:55AM
IYO, is there such a thing as "objective moral"?
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KainReaver109278/21 12:53AM
When did you had a nightmare? What is it about? (Poll)noble banana98/21 12:50AM
I'm going to do it. I'm going to work on my dream of becoming a...N80568/21 12:49AM
This 17 y/o Girl was Suspended for saying "Bless You" In Class...Is that fair? (Poll)
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Full Throttle318/21 12:46AM
I pretty much spent the day playing Stick of Truth *some spoilers or whatever*Death_Of_Effie38/21 12:37AM