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What's your blood type? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn1710/22 5:09AM
in luigis mansion, are the ghostshelIy910/22 5:05AM
I love my son, but I pray our next kid isn't as f****** stressful.. >__>
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Melon_Master2910/22 5:05AM
What is your opinion on Final Fantasy X-2, overall?
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EclairReturns1910/22 5:03AM
Matt And Pat(Best Friends Play)Have Concluded This Years Halloween SpecialNightMareBunny710/22 5:00AM
I think people underestimate how lonely I am, and how few people I know.Judgmenl810/22 4:47AM
GS news: despite great reviews. Bayonetta 2 doing poorly in Japan!! =(
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Ryan-061810/22 4:44AM
I have only one regret in lifejamieyello3810/22 4:44AM
What should the next Pokemon game be called? (Poll)aznStaRBoY410/22 4:42AM
Holy s*** the funniest jump I've ever seen in a game happened in Alan Wake.
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Captain_Drek1810/22 4:35AM
Every time Youtube updates...Rimmer_Dall610/22 4:21AM
Father threatens to kick his son out for deleting his Angry Birds app.Far-Queue210/22 4:18AM
This Man was voted the most HOTTEST man in the Universe..Is he attractive??? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1410/22 4:17AM
What's your overall profit/loss of every gambling you've done so far?
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tiago921710/22 4:16AM
WTF??? I'm watching Silence of the Lambs for the first time
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Junpeiclover2210/22 4:08AM
Need help figuring out that classical song used for epic moments...Buddha1187610/22 4:04AM
Can we go to venus
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ernieforss1810/22 4:02AM
Are there female chubby chasers?Chef_Excellence810/22 3:50AM
I'm tired of the internet bullying others who mock people who marry body pillows
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MordantHubris2710/22 3:41AM
My traps are totally ROCK HARD...Lokarin510/22 3:41AM