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Armed man tried to occupy the Dutch news...Nichtcrawler X51/30 12:35AM
So why is the world just standing by letting ISIS kill all these people again??
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Dying Light is terrifying at night when you're playing single player.IceDragon7751/30 12:28AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 655 | Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Poll)Slayer786131/30 12:24AM
So my wife and I are baking a pie...bulbinking81/30 12:22AM
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG and Related nonsense Discussion Topic XLIII
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Which Movie of the Year are your rooting for the most this Oscar season? (Poll)
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Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 341 Captain Jack Sparrow (Poll)scubasteve4251/30 12:10AM
Rate this Villain Day 339 Hector Barbossa (Poll)scubasteve4281/30 12:10AM
Gah! Stupid steam!AllstarSniper3261/30 12:08AM
PR Dino Charge premieres tomorrow...Milleyd31/30 12:07AM
You now have the ability to teleport, but every time you do it, you lose memory.
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EclairReturns161/29 11:57PM
Are you posting on the very first account you ever created on GameFAQs? (Poll)
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Greatest Movie Series Ever Round 1: Match 29: The Pink Panther vs. Austin Powers (Poll)quigonzel71/29 11:48PM
Do you want a log? (Poll)knightoffire5591/29 11:47PM
Who is the cutest Smash Bros character? (Poll)
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C/D: Hugo Weaving's acting was the one consistently good thing in the Matrixes.
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Isnt this a Potder?CoinFlipBimbo31/29 11:44PM
now boarding (Poll)
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Do you think people who order things "to go" when they eat there are (Poll)
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