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Would your parents be mad if they caught you smoking weed? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn1210/24 10:09AM
Do you find it rude/odd to ask guests to remove shoes when they visit your home?
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TreGooda1310/24 10:08AM
There is too much GamerGate hate on PotD.
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Judgmenl2810/24 10:08AM
Felicia Day says she sees all gamers as threats, expects not to get hated on.
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Storrac14110/24 10:08AM
Cops kill man after he calls a suicide hotline for help. Good job, officers. (Poll)
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SunWuKung4201610/24 10:08AM
so, AC:Unity has some pretty high hardware requirements
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Troll_Police_2010/24 10:06AM
I'm tired of the temperature being in the 90smadadude810/24 10:04AM
How do you control sexual desires?
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Flutershy6210/24 10:04AM
Do you like candy corn? (Poll)Raganork10910/24 10:03AM
This 14 y/o Girl Died after 2 Dogs bit her Head to Toe cause she carried a Pie!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle3110/24 10:01AM
Why do they ay gamergate is misogynist?yourDaddie610/24 9:54AM
C/D: You will be buying one of these as soon as possible.SunWuKung420510/24 9:50AM
Some timely events "Around the Web" at the bottom of this page...ZiggiStardust510/24 9:49AM
God, I hate voting season.ThePlasmaStorm310/24 9:49AM
Maybe some games could do without a map, more games could do without an arrowVicaris110/24 9:38AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 253 Quasar (Poll)scubasteve42810/24 9:37AM
Rate this Villain Day 251 Lady Deathstrike (Poll)scubasteve42810/24 9:37AM
ebola's in new york now?
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PollGuy541810/24 9:35AM
Kid catches Rare Shiny Deer!
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MicrosoftLover1110/24 9:35AM
I want someone to make me a creepy Halloween avatar for SteamDeltaBladeX410/24 9:35AM