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My Bluetooth headphones ran out of batteries and I have no chargerDoctor Foxx27/23 9:04AM
Why can't new Yoshi games be as good as Yoshi's Island(SNES)?Metal_Gear_Link67/23 9:03AM
Are all fat people going to hell acording to Catholics?
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kratospwnsnoobz117/23 9:03AM
Why do fat women feel entitkled to be called beautiful?
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Metal_Gear_Link297/23 8:59AM
Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXVII
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keyblader19852717/23 8:55AM
Why does MetalGearLink/yourdaddie/kratospwnsnoobz feel the need to make topics?SunWuKung420107/23 8:50AM
Anyone else read/interested in the IDW Transformers comics?Milleyd57/23 8:47AM
You know what's stupid? Yoshi's Island SNES has never been rereleased/ported
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raymanfan1147/23 8:46AM
I just realized something about the PS1 and Nintendo 64.Storrac37/23 8:43AM
Injustice is 8 bucks on PS4 and 4 bucks on PS3kratospwnsnoobz17/23 8:38AM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 117- Itchy and Scratchy Land (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets87/23 8:38AM
monster hunter topic
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Ashphantom237/23 8:37AM
C/D: VIP tickets at amusement parks are worth itBNVshark12367/23 8:31AM
Day 11 - Quarter-finals round 3: Best of PotD tourny - Turtwig vs Billy (Poll)Ogurisama27/23 8:30AM
Consoles used to be better than PCadramelk4427/23 8:29AM
Copying Turtwig: Ill post in this topic once a day
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Ogurisama297/23 8:29AM
Woohoo, the Destiny XBox One Beta starts today!
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Melon_Master357/23 8:26AM
How did time fly by so fast? 4 years ago I started college. Literally tons ofSarouss2537/23 8:26AM
Saw a guy with a "I <3 BBW" fake vanity plate today
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Doctor Foxx137/23 8:24AM
the reddit layout is terrible
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Nade Duck167/23 8:21AM