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This 25 y/o Girl had Sex in the Car with her b/f..But they Died from CO POISON! (Poll)Full Throttle45/22 7:36PM
How come Liam Neeson is so famous for the Taken movie series...
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DarkKirby2500125/22 7:33PM
How's TellTale's Game of Thrones?
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raymanfan1155/22 7:31PM
Where does Game of Thrones start to diverge from ASOIAF?
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raymanfan1185/22 7:08PM
those crazy warrior women on game of thrones were such a turn on me...ZiggiStardust65/22 6:51PM
I think everyone is overreacting about last night's Game of Thrones...
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papercup245/22 6:48PM
How old is the pillow you sleep with?
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BTB385/22 6:48PM
anyone wanna play some pc ultra street fighter 4 later today?green dragon45/22 6:38PM
Of these 3 games, which you recommend for me to download off the Wii-U E-Shop? (Poll)
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Redmage1987175/22 6:35PM
Not sure if I should get dark souls now or wait for a sale (pc)
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green dragon245/22 6:22PM
how likely is it that Xenoverse will go on sale (steam)
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green dragon115/22 6:20PM
I kinda want da sex with a really mucular girl
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Lokarin405/22 6:12PM
What's for supper/dinner/evening sustenance tonight?
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Dynalo165/22 6:08PM
Whats heavier? 1kg of feathers, or 1kg of steel?Kimbos_Egg65/22 6:03PM
Remember Allison Stokke? She's still aroundOmegaM65/22 5:53PM
Do you lol when you hear someone say that the world is only 2015 years old?
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iwantmyoldid425/22 5:46PM
I bought some shoes from a drug dealerEreshkigaI85/22 5:35PM
Anyone want to play a game?Lokarin15/22 5:33PM
L4D2 Vs!BBalla1085/22 5:14PM
Wicked Cyclone opened today at Six Flags New EnglandTheWorstPoster35/22 5:14PM