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Do you , guys, actually enjoy taste / smell of V?
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Lobomoon338/21 6:01AM
Motorcycle rider crashes into the back of a car and safely flips onto the roofSolid Sonic28/21 5:49AM
ATTN: Green DragonWastelandCowboy18/21 5:42AM
my girlfriend is so non-sexual. it's getting ridiculous
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green dragon388/21 5:30AM
habits of boring peoplemayu78068/21 5:18AM
Lifesize Jason Voorheesurmomishawt04108/21 5:13AM
Manliest Final Fantasy Character (Poll)
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yourDaddie218/21 5:12AM
The Last of Us movie to be directed by Uwe Boll (Poll)
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Nade Duck118/21 5:06AM
Anypony here like apples as much as I do?AppleduckSeason48/21 4:48AM
Oh dear, my karma's bad today.Kanakiri88/21 4:47AM
Look at what they're serving in Japan that has people vomiting!! Would u eat it? (Poll)Full Throttle98/21 4:17AM
beer from a can always tastes 2 degrees cooler than beer from a bottlePhiloktetes38/21 3:36AM
I feel regarding Israel that the UK knowingly set them up to be hated.
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ImmortalityV198/21 3:16AM
Just got Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate!
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TacoWhales348/21 3:05AM
so they are making a skylanders comic book now....NightMareBunny18/21 3:03AM
PotD: Talk me out of attempting to learn how to eat fire.ThatBGoesKaboom78/21 2:55AM
Resistance is funDeltaBladeX18/21 2:46AM
wtf happened to Chaos?
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BNVshark123468/21 2:37AM
Borderlands 2 free weekend. I plan on playing a lot tomorrowGanonsSpirit68/21 2:23AM
Which of these ten songs from Quentin Tarantino movies do you like most? (Poll)
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WastelandCowboy168/21 2:13AM