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I'm okay with freedom of speech but come onGamechamp3k812/19 7:53AM
My tax return this year is gonna be good.Dynalo612/19 7:50AM
I just learned France has a law that bans swimming trunks from public poolsTreGooda212/19 7:48AM
The Poll of the Day on the homepage is balanced to within two votes!
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Shark86371812/19 7:47AM
paul blart mall cop was NOT a good movie.
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argonautweekynd2512/19 7:47AM
Dark Souls is the closest thing i want to a roguelikeChef_Excellence812/19 7:43AM
Indifference is the opposite of love. C/D. (Poll)
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davf1351612/19 7:43AM
Why do Black people look more realistic in games than whites or asians?kratospwnsnoobz912/19 7:43AM
Man guys, I had the normalest dream last nightBlighboy112/19 7:42AM
Legend of Korra Finale Discussion Topic.
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Storrac2412/19 7:42AM
So my work changed our password system...
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Dikitain2112/19 7:41AM
What is your non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverage of choice.
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BigOlePappy4712/19 7:37AM
A jaded Japanese woman discovers a hidden copy of Fargo (1996) on VHS....
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Captain-Trips1112/19 7:36AM
So I played TF2 for the first time in weeksSt_Kevin112/19 7:36AM
Best Friends Character (Poll)Ogurisama712/19 7:24AM
This Math Teacher stuffed 2 students in her Sedan as she Begs not to be Fired.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle1512/19 7:20AM
Is gamefaqs a social justice warrior site? (Poll)yourDaddie412/19 7:20AM
I'm No Longer Kissless...
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aDirtyShisno1212/19 7:17AM
wtf is a smithereen?argonautweekynd412/19 7:14AM
So, if a tree falls in a forest and lands on a spammer...BTB512/19 7:08AM