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Why do people hate Nickleback again? :oRyan-0665/24 9:16PM
This is really bugging me.jamieyello335/24 9:16PM
ITT: combine two PotDers and describe their new personality
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Nade Duck435/24 9:15PM
Sony's Anti DDOS contractor blocks your modem's MAC addressMetal_Gear_Link105/24 9:13PM
Hey guys! I'm new here! What's up?
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Suppose you become rich overnight, inherit a vast fortune under the condition...YoshioKST35/24 9:09PM
ITT: A handful of my controversial opinions. AMA.WastelandCowboy45/24 9:09PM
My degree finally came in the mail.
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ArtistScientist155/24 9:09PM
Any games to recommend that is like Dark Cloud or SotN?RayKnight65/24 9:06PM
Let's try this again: Last post in this topic is my sig for a week. I won't bump
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SkynyrdRocker295/24 9:05PM
Who the f*** keeps paying to watch those s***ty "gothic" movies?
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Zareth135/24 9:01PM
How do you take your steak? (Poll)
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Wyand_Voidbring215/24 8:59PM
You are 70% more likely to be SWATTED if you live-stream. So do you?? (Poll)Full Throttle55/24 8:59PM
Are there any PotDers who you would hang out with in real life?
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chews415/24 8:57PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 441 Tien Shinhan (DBZ) (Poll)
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Rate this Villain Day 439 Morlun (Poll)scubasteve4245/24 8:53PM
A Slayer 5-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper32105/24 8:51PM
I don't understand how male showers can last over 10 minutes.
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ArtistScientist745/24 8:48PM
The Shield vs The Wire (Poll)Captain-Trips15/24 8:45PM
Former US Chief Justice Warren E. Burger is kayaking in the Mississippi River...rgonautweekend15/24 8:45PM