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i take the elevatorhelIy49/21 11:16PM
Why do people say college costs too much money? PART 2Sarcasthma39/21 11:16PM
I don't get white girls....
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WaterImp149/21 11:15PM
Tried streaming The Simpsons in the /gamefaqschat Tinychat room and got bannedquigonzel19/21 11:13PM
GameTok with Lok: Talk amongst yourselves while I stare at my backlog
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Lokarin2679/21 11:12PM
I don't actually find icocar and duckbear that annoying.jamieyello359/21 11:12PM
You know what N64 games I wish I still had?
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papercup159/21 11:11PM
Been working on my script for my conceptual storytelling class for a couple...Malleum29/21 11:10PM
My friend's dad died, and from what I heard he was an abusive a******s
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LemonDestroyer119/21 11:09PM
btw people Nintendo is already working on their next home console
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Ogurisama539/21 11:07PM
Best cartoon of these? (Poll)Slayer786159/21 11:07PM
Your favorite type of headphones. (Poll)Lobomoon89/21 11:01PM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 25 The Witcher (PC) (Poll)Blaqthourne19/21 10:57PM
i need this 512GB SD Card.helIy69/21 10:56PM
Why do people say college costs too much money? (Closed)
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Poll5253769/21 10:55PM
PotD is now the State Military of Amestris
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Ogurisama219/21 10:55PM
Best side character on Curb Your Enthusiasm? (Poll)Captain-Trips39/21 10:54PM
Potato? (Poll)WhatPoll109/21 10:50PM
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Well, that makes no senseDeltaBladeX39/21 10:48PM