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So now that I don't really drink, I found out how much I truly hate clubs.
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Dynalo238/20 5:13PM
Been working too hard lately. Can someone bring me up to speed about Zoe Quinn?
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VioletZer0368/20 5:12PM
Final Fantasy II is one of the best Final Fantasy games.
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knightoffire55168/20 5:12PM
LEAST Favorite Paper Mario Partner - Day 10
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Redmage1987168/20 5:12PM
If you could stop one movie from being made what would it be? (Poll)knightoffire5588/20 4:57PM
It seems Amazon made a shipping mistake along with my hat rack order.. :O
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Melon_Master148/20 4:54PM
Does anyone else remember ProTect?JaH Reborn68/20 4:51PM
Clopfic of Hank Hill and Twilight, anyone?KnoxKorner28/20 4:47PM
These 2 Love-Bird Teens Killed themselves by jumping in front of a Train...Full Throttle78/20 4:46PM
Started watching something, Koragami? Something like thatLokarin18/20 4:46PM
How have games changed your life?
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ianfraz52158/20 4:46PM
Sorry Republicans, Soccer is becoming popular in America
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Metal_Gear_Link238/20 4:45PM
The girl who works at Gamestop is a qt3.14.
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Storrac188/20 4:45PM
IYO, is there such a thing as "objective moral"?KainReaver10958/20 4:45PM
WWYD: It's 9PM and you're at home playing a game when you get a text message. (Closed)
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WastelandCowboy178/20 4:45PM
would i be considered a hipster if i used one of these?helIy18/20 4:36PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 35 - Lord Laharl's Hymn (Disgaea) (Poll)
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quigonzel148/20 4:35PM
Okay, so WHAT is up with that creepy ghost girl in XY?
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keyblader1985218/20 4:31PM
attn: DynaloRaganork1018/20 4:30PM
Is the new Humble Bundle worth it?
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AwesomeTurtwig148/20 4:30PM