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ITT: Random humorous* images
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It's too bad people judge Orson Scott Card for his comments on homosexuals...
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SunWuKung420571/30 11:09PM
Posting because I cheated 3 times wit my bf todayBNVshark12361/30 11:08PM
29 percent cheering for the wrong team.ReggieBush0981/30 10:39PM
I will never understand people who whine about being modded.
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WastelandCowboy191/30 10:31PM
What crashed in Roswell 1947 was not project MogulNeoSioType101/30 10:29PM
Biological father finds me on facebook after 25 years
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killkount171/30 10:28PM
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Isnt this a Potder?CoinFlipBimbo41/30 10:19PM
This guy got caught out growing weed in his roof (Netherlands)
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DeltaBladeX131/30 10:19PM