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If ICOYAR posted a topic proving he had gotten a job and no longer got money...
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SkynyrdRocker199/20 2:23PM
I went out with my friend last night and I could have asked her outErik_P79/20 2:22PM
Just looked at my credit card statement and noticed that I was double-billed.WastelandCowboy89/20 2:06PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 42 - Forest Adventure (Squirrell King) (Poll)quigonzel79/20 1:58PM
Anyone down for some MK7?DespondentDeity29/20 1:51PM
So does PotD have a FFXIV Clan or some such.
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Judgmenl139/20 1:51PM
Humble Bundle 12
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DeltaBladeX299/20 1:26PM
So.... about that conversation last night.
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Flutershy2039/20 1:25PM
I'm getting f***ed over in my multimedia class.Storrac69/20 1:23PM
Snake's new partner in MGSV: TPP - DD, a WOLF WEARING AN EYEPATCH!
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pipebomb__sushi209/20 1:23PM
You are now forcibly entered into a Russian Roulette tournamnent
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WhatPoll159/20 1:18PM
Your Local Starbucks Has... (Poll)
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aDirtyShisno229/20 1:08PM
is Terra Formars any good?Botnus91249/20 12:48PM
Day 222 Bonus Villain Mash Up (Poll)scubasteve4279/20 12:44PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 224 Sailor Saturn (Poll)scubasteve4289/20 12:44PM
There is only one thing I miss from the late 90s/early 2000s.Storrac79/20 12:40PM
I had the worst experience at game stop today
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Ao_Ryuu54649/20 12:39PM
Seems I'll be heading back to Scottsdale, my aunts mother just passed awayMelon_Master89/20 12:35PM
Does anyone else get random bouts of sadness and frustration for no reason?
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VioletZer0159/20 12:28PM
So this new Popeye movie actually looks good.ESP Samus29/20 12:28PM