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"Thing x of y is terrible"Chef_Excellence25/2 2:12PM
is baltimore bad luck or something?
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NightMareBunny155/2 2:11PM
So...blu here.
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ArtistScientist185/2 2:09PM
help me make a video game PotD
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-Komaiko54M265/2 2:08PM
Can I run Witcher 3 on max settings?TheWorstPoster35/2 1:57PM
Does the gone girl book keep going after the movie?Webmaster453165/2 1:48PM
'your breath smells so minty and good'DirtBasedSoap75/2 1:40PM
Anyone have any good experience with fine dining?
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ArtistScientist225/2 1:21PM
A main complaint I hear about Avengers 2 is that it's 90% cheesy one liners
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Captain-Trips485/2 1:16PM
My favorite Mega Man games will always be X5 and 64/Legends.Ferarri61925/2 1:10PM
do you want Honeycomb? (Poll)NightMareBunny55/2 1:01PM
Was just playing Xenoverse online and this guy was spamming Special Beam Cannon.
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Judgmenl185/2 12:52PM
Flawless logic. I shall become gay as well!r7gerrabbit25/2 12:46PM
only in this day and age would King of the hill be considered A Toonami ShowNightMareBunny95/2 12:39PM
Tennessee Parents are Outraged after a School served 6 y/o MEAT to Students!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle175/2 12:37PM
Ooooh, The Mummy is on ABC FamilyAction5315/2 12:32PM
They're getting rid of 'collections' on YouTube?!
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impatientperson145/2 12:13PM
More games should be controlled this wayTheWorstPoster45/2 12:04PM
Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? (Poll)
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wwinterj25195/2 11:54AM
Its been awhile guys!! Tinychat?AmeliaJane1685/2 11:47AM