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Walking Dead season 2 episode 5... SPOILERS
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why is everyone on this board so bitter-Hunico-98/28 6:30AM
Is it okay to believe that Homosexuality is wrong? (Poll)
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This 19 y/o Sexy Girl tried to steal 3 chocolate bars!! Would you forgive her? (Poll)
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Which statement is true? (Poll)
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You're stuck in a fallout shelter for the rest of your life and can only have... (Poll)WastelandCowboy68/28 5:50AM
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Post here and I will give you an official PotD title.
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today i started community college
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My uncle just passed away...
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My anaconda don'tMr_melodramatic38/28 5:43AM
Earthquakes and Sony/PSN...
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Actually, as of this week I am able to answer the second option on today's pollSolid Sonic18/28 5:37AM
I'm starting to feel homesickBNVshark12348/28 5:36AM
Can I have a (foldable) treadmill in my apartment?FatalAccident48/28 5:27AM
REAL Poll of the Day - Your catastrophic system failureKOReldor58/28 4:53AM
I've got to go to work in about 10 minutesgrape_purple48/28 4:38AM