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Do you find it crazy that BTB and PO still post here?
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JokePoster344/1 11:36PM
What are some good movies that have come out over the past 5ish years?Mario_VS_DK44/1 11:35PM
30 mins into Breath of Fire 4, and I'm not really feeling it like I did for BoF3
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Raganork10224/1 11:35PM
Having a problem with my computer...John_Dane24/1 11:34PM
YR: Ridley is added to SSB...GanonsSpirit14/1 11:34PM
Avengers or Justice League (Poll)
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SusanGreenEyes214/1 11:32PM
There are only two games that actually made me play in the morning before workmiczz64/1 11:31PM
Spot a girl in her underwear...
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Solid Sonic164/1 11:30PM
have you ever considered prison as a life plan?Philoktetes54/1 11:26PM
UFO reports from military personnel on Unsolved Mysteries.
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GrimCyclone234/1 11:21PM
how hard is bloodborne compared to hipster souls, best souls and mediocre souls?
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mayu780224/1 11:15PM
Am I a bad uncle? Or a really good uncle?Bugmeat74/1 11:10PM
Do think people who say don't find certain race attractive are a bit of racists?
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tissue_paper294/1 11:08PM
I have my first REAL date on fridayAmeliaJane1634/1 11:00PM
Talking to this girl...
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Kazuma_Yagami154/1 10:55PM
How do you find people to do music stuff with you?Kanakiri74/1 10:54PM
This Fat Mother was Arrested for doing this on Google Street Views!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle174/1 10:53PM
Did you like mayonnaise? Day 2,knivesX2004104/1 10:45PM
I finally am getting revenge my 7th grade teacher. I got accepted to Harvard Law
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TheOneWithin554/1 10:42PM
First Indiana Business to REFUSE Service to the LGBT!! Do you approve?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle184/1 10:39PM