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Found a few goofy MS Paint pics I've done over the yearsSuper_Thug4413/3 4:04PM
WOW, Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon really IS the best game ever...Captain-Trips33/3 3:59PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 6: Star Trek vs. Back to the Future (Poll)
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quigonzel223/3 3:52PM
Ever notice how there's never any old fat people?
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Metro2203/3 3:34PM
When did the meaning of the fence symbol change?Nichtcrawler X13/3 3:26PM
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Do you like Frieza's Fifth form? (Poll)yourDaddie63/3 3:09PM
Behold, Brianna Wu in: Why I think all SJWs are idiots
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MordantHubris183/3 2:58PM
I never understood...
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bbqninja23123/3 2:55PM
Is it weird that one of my friends is super popular now because of his dumb tat?WaterImp63/3 2:53PM
What good is net neutrality while still allowing DATA CAPS???
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shipwreckers253/3 2:50PM
all this snow would be so much prettier if this state wasn't so gray and ugly.Nade Duck13/3 2:41PM
Super saiyan God vs Freeza Phase V (Poll)yourDaddie83/3 2:31PM
So it's common knowledge many women own a 'toy'. what about males? (Poll)
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Ryan-06523/3 2:29PM
Isn't it Half-Life 2: Episode 3SKARDAVNELNATE33/3 2:27PM
Why do people hate on good games?
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Unbridled9233/3 2:26PM
Am I the only one who says 'rent a book' instead of 'borrow a book'? (Closed)EclairReturns103/3 2:19PM
How can people claim religions are a good thing...Unbridled943/3 2:06PM
Just learned there is a spanish remake of breaking bad.eating4fun93/3 2:05PM
I want to hear more about the Ratchet and Clank movieWaterImp83/3 1:50PM