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huh. this is the 2nd time has sent me a new game over the used onehelIy18/19 1:22PM
Do stores in a state with more sales tax theoretically make more money?alienfreaks0498/19 1:06PM
Virgins are superior to non-virgins
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Viking_Mudcrap358/19 1:02PM
How depressed are you! :D
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jamieyello3208/19 12:47PM
You're no longer a casual if you've (almost) platinum'd God of War 3, right?
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bobaTmintjulep158/19 12:44PM
what's wrong whit turtle neck shirts and overalls?Metal_Gear_Link28/19 12:35PM
Boiling Water ChallengeDirtBasedSoap28/19 12:34PM
Happy 11th birthday, F-Zero GX!Metro228/19 12:29PM
I wish HL2 Ep. 3 would come out already.Milleyd48/19 12:27PM
Did you cringe? (Poll)
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BushidoEffect3268/19 12:13PM
Why do Muslims hate pics of Muhammad
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Metal_Gear_Link148/19 11:57AM
I love HINATA!
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Flutershy118/19 11:57AM
Do you think the Young Black American Man is unfairly targeted by the Police? (Poll)Full Throttle98/19 11:51AM
The world needs basic incomethebestestbest48/19 11:46AM
Anyone else have to pee like crazy after sexy times?Zareth58/19 11:43AM
A No Doubt 3 pack came out (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32248/19 11:36AM
Taylor Swift is the most beautiful human being on earth.
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MasterSword546238/19 11:32AM
C/D The media is race baiting (Poll)aznStaRBoY28/19 11:31AM
How do you feel about Facebook auto marking satire site links like The Onion? (Poll)
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DarkKirby2500258/19 11:28AM
Games you wish could get a HD Remake?
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trodi_911638/19 11:27AM