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Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 419 Clay (Xiaolin Showdown) (Poll)scubasteve4264/30 10:11AM
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Why do I continuously need to install firefox add-ons to retain basic functions?
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Nichtcrawler X184/30 9:57AM
I haven't played Crawl in a long time. It's better than I remember.Milleyd34/30 9:54AM
Cars are too expensive :( *blogfaqs*Junpeiclover24/30 9:52AM
They say the IBM model M is the best keyboard ever made.rgonautweekend84/30 9:48AM
Who here has the most referent power among you?GrimCyclone14/30 9:47AM
I have been talking to corn lately.
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It is easy to bore a holeTheWorstPoster84/30 9:35AM
Have you ever had a, like, meta-test during a statistics class?Lokarin74/30 9:30AM
Resurrection of Frieza was greatMetal_Gear_Link74/30 9:29AM
Death battle day 22: Iron man vs Batman (Poll)
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jedirood114/30 9:28AM
None of those games look good on Today's Poll.Judgmenl14/30 9:27AM
you know those straight guys who are like, i like your this, i like your that...lolamericans84/30 9:13AM
why do some shows/games/movies feel like adding in Token Gay People?
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NightMareBunny274/30 9:01AM
This Drunk Driver crashes and is let go..Crashes 2 HOURS later and Kills a Kid! (Poll)
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Which scheduled May release are you most looking forward to? (Poll)
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so and so from where ever, where everDirtBasedSoap14/30 8:27AM
"manic pixie girls" are dumb and annoying
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