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You are offered one million dollars, but the main character of every movie ever
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EclairReturns4710/17 6:37AM
I love the new dlc for Hyrule Warriors already.
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Entity132310/17 6:25AM
Do women actually take offense to Bayonetta's sexualization?
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r7gerrabbit7610/17 6:25AM
When you hear the letter "D" what do you think of? (Poll)
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MrArmageddon82910/17 6:25AM
I dont understand. Is a burger SUPPOSED to have 800 calories? What about homemadsaspa710/17 6:24AM
pictures i took that i forgot why i took and am now going to show to youhelIy710/17 5:40AM
Duckbear usually starts his posts with "This".Judgmenl510/17 5:40AM
This 60 y/o Man was killed when a Camel escaped from the Zoo and Sat on him!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1310/17 4:20AM
Have you ever taken a cold shower? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu541810/17 3:35AM
i like my women how i like my cheeseLemur_Says510/17 2:44AM
Nice I found a 40 ounce in my closet, tell me wt to do besides drinkingdarcandkharg31510/17 2:41AM
I like cheeseLootman110/17 2:25AM
Attn: People who use Photoshop. Need help with something.Metro2210/17 2:25AM
Are you dressing up for Halloween?
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TacoWhales1510/17 1:58AM
Why is the Fedora meme so closely associated with Atheism?
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VioletZer04410/17 1:36AM
This 19 y/o American Kid murdered his entire family because they cut him off!! (Poll)Full Throttle810/17 1:31AM
I just pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMiX. Ask me anything.
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EclairReturns1510/17 12:43AM
The Black Glove: A game by a few Bioshock developers, on Kickstarter.Milleyd210/17 12:41AM
How do you feel about trypophobia pictures? (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX1310/17 12:03AM
The Evil Within in 5 secondsJanwayDaahl110/17 12:01AM