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should the US annex all its puppet nationSHADOW010647/30 12:40AM
This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poster has people FUMING! Are you offended? (Poll)
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I got a new toy. [Pics]
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SIvIart_USMC257/30 12:33AM
Hey man. You okay? You look a little down. You wanna' talk about it?AloneWeStand17/30 12:31AM
Out on the streets they call it murderViking_Mudcrap17/30 12:28AM
Do you sometimes download FAQs from this site onto your e-reader?T-dus57/30 12:24AM
yknow, I'm literally the best thing to happen to this boardhelIy47/30 12:20AM
Well I really upset my Mom today <_<
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bluPython297/30 12:20AM
According to statistics, there are only 6 Liberals in the WWE World..Full Throttle77/30 12:14AM
How trustworthy is your facial hair?
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BTB227/30 12:10AM
When would you consider a transgender the sex that they see themselves as? (Poll)
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sveksii127/30 12:05AM
Why do Vegans lie about the health benefits, it ends up damaging their cause...
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yourDaddie127/30 12:00AM
Rate this episode of Pokemon: The Island of Giant Pokemon (Poll)Ogurisama27/29 11:55PM
What's a good ps2 rpg game
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abeseals407/29 11:54PM
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