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Is it racist that Music:Rap requires a certain user lever and Music:Rock doesnt? (Poll)
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McSame_as_Bush2712/26 2:18PM
Rate what I got
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newsuperdude2012/26 2:18PM
In which I burn both Family Guy and Carlos MenciaHenryKissiger112/26 2:14PM
where are edge online scores ????CobraSA712/26 1:51PM
I just bought an xbox one to play minecraft!zpoopinthe3rd712/26 1:47PM
What can I make for dinner tonight that's easy and has bacon in it?
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Action531712/26 1:41PM
exciting speed runs to watch?
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Botnus9121312/26 1:39PM
So I just finished watching the hobbit 3...ruby_sauce412/26 1:28PM
All of the jenny i know in real life are attractivemiczz712/26 1:23PM
People **** on /v/ too much.
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Judgmenl1112/26 1:18PM
The pilot episode of Seinfeld is not that good
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Kanakiri2712/26 1:18PM
My girlfriend had a missed periodMr_melodramatic512/26 1:02PM
your reaction: everything goes digital in 5-10 years
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NightMareBunny2012/26 12:58PM
Let these holidays be over already. I can't stand it anymore.
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AC_Dragonfire1412/26 12:46PM
Cat / Chat 2: Two cats are better than one. Cat appreciation topic right meow!
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Doctor Foxx2412/26 12:37PM
I bring you good news!PRINCESSMAGICAL612/26 12:32PM
Bottled water in restaurants is disgustingbachewychomp212/26 12:31PM
GamerGate is a giant conspiracy to bring Common Core into the masses.
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Judgmenl1212/26 12:16PM
What do you think are the most unappealing sexual fetishes?
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EggsBenedikt2812/26 12:07PM
This Smug 11 y/o Kid is the YOUNGEST Eagle Scout ever in America... (Poll)
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Full Throttle2112/26 12:02PM