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cut my own hair for the first timeacesxhigh15/2 9:53PM
Anyone else see that Microsoft augmented reality headset demo?IceDragon7725/2 9:45PM
After using a macbook retina for half an hour other computer screens look awful.ArtistScientist55/2 9:38PM
Does Cold Stone exclusively hire cute females?GanonsSpirit85/2 9:04PM
I haven't eaten since Tuesday morning..
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Jen0125405/2 9:02PM
Happy free comic book day!
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slacker03150115/2 8:54PM
Who is the better person? (Poll)WastelandCowboy55/2 8:51PM
Poptarts for supper... or make rice or something?
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Lokarin165/2 8:27PM
I feel like playing me some Super Mario World.keyblader198585/2 8:25PM
Just watched Big Trouble in Little China.Zareth55/2 8:25PM
Rally to me!AwesomeTurtwig25/2 8:13PM
according to my friend, the computer peripheral company Razer specialize in shelIy25/2 8:10PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 28: Super Mario Galaxy vs A Link to the Past (Poll)
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quigonzel135/2 8:07PM
last post ITT is my new Sig for a month
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SHADOW0106245/2 8:05PM
Wait we can curse on here now? Holy s***!ESMWjot45/2 8:04PM
Do you buy anything at the movies?
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PowerOats455/2 7:53PM
I started Chapter 4 of FF Tactics. Am I halfway, or over halfway in the game?
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EclairReturns395/2 7:49PM
C/D: You had/have a job where you had to hire/fire people (Poll)
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pionear185/2 7:49PM
what the f*** just happened?
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-Komaiko54M115/2 7:43PM
anyone up for some late night smash bros. U? (Closed)-Komaiko54M25/2 7:41PM