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Having children in today's world is so narcissistic.
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VioletZer0514/18 9:56AM
A woman shouldn't be president.miczz44/18 9:55AM
ESPN Heifer suspended for talking down to a towing company employee. (Poll)
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Zeus284/18 9:53AM
Have you ever been in the Chris Houlihan room (in ALttP)? (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate164/18 9:52AM
Last time, on Dragon Ball Z... (Three word story)
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BlazeAndBlade194/18 9:51AM
I can literally go and buy a DS + ORAS right now
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FatalAccident154/18 9:50AM
Anyone know any good places to get sexy playmats?lihlih14/18 9:49AM
Can somebody explain what happened to the Spider-man movie franchise?
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BigOlePappy424/18 9:48AM
Which poll of the dayer would most likely rob...BlazeAndBlade44/18 9:47AM
We judge eachother over our music.Xdoop84/18 9:46AM
Batman looks lame in the trailer.justaseabass14/18 9:45AM
This Transgender could make HISTORY being on Men's Health! Is he manlier than u (Poll)
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Full Throttle294/18 9:44AM
Yard Sale Finds! ~LoZ edition~FellWolf84/18 9:36AM
I was thinking about getting a dating app but
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Lootman114/18 9:35AM
I don't use them, skill points are for people who can't handle the gameVicaris24/18 9:32AM
Do broken bones count as gore?darcandkharg3124/18 9:31AM
You're now in love with the last PotDer you PMed
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BlazeAndBlade164/18 9:28AM
HD Kittens video. Growing from newborn to 1 week. The progress is adorable <3
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Doctor Foxx204/18 9:26AM
Married man could go to JAIL for having SEX with his WIFE (Poll)
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Erik_P124/18 9:24AM
You win an all expenses paid trip to Mogadishu, Somalia
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TheWorstPoster184/18 9:22AM