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Sports Discussion Topic #106: Tanksgiving Leftovers
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*twirls* Happy birthday... to me...Kanakiri512/17 11:21PM
So that Ass Creed Unity patch 4 (which is 6.7 GB) didn't do much.raymanfan1112/17 11:21PM
ICO is a great bowler, what are you great at?
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would you rather play Sonic 06 as your only game for a year or...? (Poll)
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I dedicate the opening theme of Utena to SIN and ClenchBNVshark123312/17 11:14PM
My work gave me my "Christmas bonus" today.
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Poll: Favorite Deli/Sandwich Meat (Poll)
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the xbox 1 dashboard is confusing.
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Streaming Wild Arms 2!WindMouseHanpan512/17 11:10PM
Name bad *opinion* games with awesome soundtracks
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saw an advanced screening of The Hobbit last night.Muscles_420112/17 11:07PM