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Hot or not? Special 002 (Poll)
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100,000 galaxies surveyed for alien life. None found.
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The sexiest or manliest instrument someone can play?
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Do you like beer? (Poll)
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Best Steven Segal movies, go!Lokarin74/18 9:34PM
At what age should you tell your kids Santa, Easter Bunny and God don't exist?
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Chef_Excellence584/18 9:34PM
Definition of SJW.
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Storrac134/18 9:29PM
15 years later, the Shishio storyarc of Kenshin is still one of the most perfectquigonzel34/18 9:28PM
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Just got Titan Souls on Steam
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Sarcasthma264/18 9:25PM
Netflix keeps recommending movies because I "like Wild Wild West"ArctheLad1384/18 9:23PM
Girl Meets World Season 2 is going to be ballin' (Spoilers)Judgmenl74/18 9:16PM
So I guess once you've done bad you'll always be a bad person
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cheesecake4lyfe374/18 9:15PM
When you think of "All-American Guy" Do you think of a White Guy? (Poll)Full Throttle64/18 9:14PM