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25 Things Arctic Hates - Vol. 3 (Possibly Offensive)
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Arctic_Sunrise341/30 7:06AM
SEGA is downsizing and relocating its American officespapercup91/30 6:53AM
Who is the cutest Smash Bros character? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link191/30 6:34AM
I started a band called "999 megabytes"
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Action53121/30 6:21AM
My handwriting is legible because I take pride in people being able to read it..Solid Sonic71/30 5:48AM
so, is anyone playing dying light?
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ZiggiStardust131/30 5:36AM
So at work today we were talking about tongue piercingsErik_P81/30 5:25AM
Which Movie of the Year are your rooting for the most this Oscar season? (Poll)
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Captain-Trips511/30 4:55AM
If Charlie Sheen appears in the Two and a Half men series finale would you watch
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Ogurisama151/30 4:24AM
Which of these games should I buy? (Poll)AllstarSniper3281/30 3:45AM
You now have the ability to teleport, but every time you do it, you lose memory.
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EclairReturns191/30 2:14AM
Let's Play Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life!
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w00t_D441/30 2:10AM
15 new 8-player Smash Bros. stages available for free now.CyborgSage00x071/30 1:46AM
apparently since i have dish i now get the el rey network.....NightMareBunny11/30 1:19AM
So my wife and I are baking a pie...bulbinking81/30 12:22AM
Do you want a log? (Poll)knightoffire5591/29 11:47PM
now boarding (Poll)
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zooknut141/29 11:43PM
ate a whole loaf of texas toast by myself tonight....the impossible taskNightMareBunny71/29 11:16PM
Disney's next princess is Latina
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Metro2121/29 11:13PM
is it just me or are interracial couples the cool thing now?LemonDestroyer21/29 11:04PM