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4chan is the last people who I would think to be Christians.Storrac712/26 5:37PM
how would you rate "the interview"? (Poll)miczz112/26 5:37PM
Cornish Acid's CAME of Evil: Cornish Acid's Masters of Evil of Evil Edition
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Nade Duck42312/26 5:35PM
okay!Nade Duck312/26 4:46PM
If "The Interview" keeps it up on IMDB
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TreGooda3312/26 4:33PM
I just binge watched Fullmetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood *Spoilers*
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Dynalo2212/26 4:21PM
The thing I dislike about being in a new place is not knowing where anything is.Erik_P212/26 4:20PM
alright so tunngle seems like it works, so anyone wann play terraria with it?
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AllstarSniper324412/26 4:16PM
Stick out your arms and one leg, and use your other leg to stand upthebestestbest212/26 4:12PM
Care to give me your opinions on Game of Thrones?
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daftalive083612/26 4:06PM
Can people who like the movie A Christmas Story tell me what it is...
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Final Fantasy23891312/26 3:58PM
My brother got into a motorcycle accident last nightmemoryrainshade1012/26 3:56PM
You have ONE job PotD. You must select a game I will enjoy off of Steam.
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Judgmenl5612/26 3:50PM
Former President George HW Bush has passed away after four days in hospital.Storrac612/26 3:39PM
Is Katara anyone's favorite Avatar character?
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AwesomeTurtwig1212/26 3:37PM
Terrible week.kratosdakota3912/26 3:34PM
Post your Christmas loot
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DirtBasedSoap5612/26 3:28PM
Okay, I got a legit watch display case/box for christmas.argonautweekynd112/26 3:21PM
what do i get to dinner?Ireland_FTW112/26 3:20PM
I just watched "The Giver" (spoilers)Action53912/26 3:14PM