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What is it about being 'owned' dominated, degraded, slave like that is exciting?
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RJP_X229/20 10:05PM
Is it possible to separate oneself from outside influences?EclairReturns79/20 10:02PM
Recommend a game with some good music (Steam)Lokarin39/20 10:00PM
So where did all the jokes about Ao_Ryuu sleeping with his sister come from?N30Chaos68799/20 9:56PM
Is it bad to dislike a game because it is too complex?
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VioletZer0299/20 9:40PM
this dude thoargonautweekynd89/20 9:40PM
You know that feeling you get when you're about to get sick?Super_Thug4439/20 9:33PM
*Hypnoxes furiously all over the topic*
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Alpha_Duck_119/20 9:31PM
on the topic of population control
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Bludgeonishness129/20 9:31PM
Would you like a brand-new car starting at $6800?
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GameGuy777169/20 9:24PM
Is Destiny a great game? (Poll)knightoffire5589/20 9:15PM
What are some good SRPGs for the PS3?
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lihlih139/20 9:05PM
does it bother you when ppl do vocal covers of songs and change the pronouns to (Poll)Kingmichael133799/20 9:05PM
Let's Play Pokemon Blue for Charity! (Playlist)
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w00t_D129/20 9:04PM
lemme see yo faceCSRouge9669/20 9:00PM
It's really frustrating when instructors bash Wikipedia.
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Kanakiri449/20 8:58PM
To anyone who is or has been a manager: How do you feel about "Texting in Sick"?
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VioletZer0729/20 8:46PM
Do you think violent video games less than TV? (Poll)HenryKissiger109/20 8:35PM
What would you say is the best music by the Follin Bros.?Lokarin39/20 8:30PM
Destiny: First impressionsTheTropic_Sunset79/20 8:29PM