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Django Unchained Actress handcuffed by Racist LAPD Cops who thought she was a... (Poll)
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What is everyone's STRICTLY single player game?
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REAL Poll of the Day - Favorite Mario Game
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Why is Whisky so delicious?
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who is your favorite Gam Grup? (Poll)
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How do you define a chicken egg?VioletZer059/14 9:52AM
Favorite PS2 game?
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So apparently, it's a crime to be...Ao_Ryuu5419/14 9:21AM
want to buy a single snickers bar?helIy49/14 9:18AM
I'm getting super tired waiting for Bayonetta 2.
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should i sell my ghost statue?helIy79/14 9:01AM
Looking back on it. What does the xbox one even offer?Lootman29/14 8:40AM
Weird, a majority of avatars in Destiny are girls.
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you won't see the media talking about this, even though it actually IS racist.
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LemonDestroyer339/14 8:24AM