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So I got myself an adapter to plug into my electrical socket.SophieLuvsTofu59/16 7:40PM
I miss SomeThomas.Storrac49/16 7:39PM
The ugly truth about women in video games.VioletZer089/16 7:39PM
Didn't think it was possible, but I just listened to a feminist for 6 minutes,
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dragon504129/16 7:38PM
GameTok with Lok: Talk amongst yourselves while I stare at my backlog
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Lokarin2499/16 7:38PM
Are the electrics sections of Walmart open 24/7? I'm just going to get my Wii UMelon_Master39/16 7:38PM
ITT: We make things up about LanHikari10
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Espyon379/16 7:38PM
I find myself very attracted to imp Midna, from Zelda.ec1192929/16 7:38PM
I guess I'm not getting a bid from the fraternity I rushed for
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BNVshark123159/16 7:37PM
Day 222 Bonus Superhero/Hero/Antihero Mash Up (Poll)scubasteve4249/16 7:37PM
Swimsuit for Girls has Outraged and Disgusted many people!! Are you grossed out? (Poll)
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Full Throttle119/16 7:37PM
Rented Destiny. I'll be the judge of this game's merits (or lack thereof)
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Raganork10229/16 7:34PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 41 - Dear Friends (Disgaea) (Poll)quigonzel99/16 7:33PM
my fiancee a rescued a baby squirrel
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CarefreeDude249/16 7:33PM
I hate election time!Dan042959/16 7:32PM
I'm strongly considering going over to iOS.
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plasma_kirby123159/16 7:28PM
Today's Poll: Most dominant system?SableWolfAngel89/16 7:26PM
This VR gaming fad is getting ridiculous.Metro239/16 7:24PM
How many users do you have on ignore?
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EclairReturns269/16 7:22PM
More free Steam gamesDeltaBladeX19/16 7:14PM