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So are the Walking Dead games worth getting?
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AllstarSniper32111/27 5:15PM
My lifelong dream is to make an offensive twitter account that a famous personbachewychomp21/27 5:14PM
Question for those watching sleepy hollow (spoilers)Judgmenl21/27 5:13PM
Man I don't know how people can do physical labor their whole lives.rexcrk61/27 5:11PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever Rd 1 Match 27 Avengers Infinity War vs. Despicable Me (Poll)
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quigonzel111/27 5:05PM
Would you have sex with Anita Sarkeesian? (Poll)
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St_Kevin401/27 5:02PM
Does "The Flash" come on tonight?KogaSteelfang41/27 5:01PM
i got bored of my write-up topic and then i got warned, now it's dead.Nade_Pony41/27 4:55PM
I am on a never ending quest to save my girlfriendslacker0315081/27 4:54PM
Just saw Gone Girl... Do not show your wife/girlfriend! :o spoilers
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BushidoEffect3171/27 4:50PM
Do you crinkle your bagged Ramen Noodles? (Poll)
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SirPikachu401/27 4:42PM
Is it normal for some puppies to just not eat until later in the day?Storrac41/27 4:39PM
how many of the DC cities exist in the Arrow/Flash universe?Zikten11/27 4:37PM
DmC or Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Poll)knightoffire5561/27 4:36PM
Gaaaah why does Laura Bailey have to be in every single game?!? >:o
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Ryan-06251/27 4:33PM
Potd, it seems I just went full ******Shaneariffic21/27 4:30PM
Just wanted to share a videoDeltaBladeX21/27 4:27PM
I opened my laptop to do homework.SpeeDLeemon81/27 4:18PM
A Classic Riff Singles 5-Pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32141/27 4:15PM
huniepop had a lot more nudity than i expected from a steam game.
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Nade_Pony251/27 4:12PM