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Have you enjoyed a Michael Bay movie? (Poll)
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knightoffire552410/24 6:33PM
*sigh* I bought Lightning Returns <_<
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Raganork101310/24 6:33PM
Hmm... Startropics 2 available as a coin reward?Lokarin1010/24 6:32PM
which weapon best suits you? (Poll)PollGuy54910/24 6:32PM
the first person who answers the question correctly wins a free steam gamemayu780710/24 6:31PM
Galaxy Note 4 is a nice phoneOgurisama110/24 6:31PM
do i want to know what this gamergate business is?
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Lemur_Says3610/24 6:29PM
Doesn't it feel awesome when you're doing better than your ex?tiago92910/24 6:29PM
Korra episode 4 *Spoilers*Xfma100410/24 6:29PM
I'm bored. Recommend me stand-up comedians like Christopher Titus or Fluffy....Krow_Incarnate410/24 6:29PM
C/D Minimum wage should cover the cost of living at 40 hours a week.
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VioletZer06610/24 6:28PM
Worst Movie of all time. (Poll)
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knightoffire551910/24 6:27PM
Anita Sarkeesian links Seattle school shooting to toxic masculinity (Closed)Botnus912310/24 6:26PM
How do you control sexual desires?
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Flutershy7710/24 6:25PM
You Intended To Harm Me But God Intended It All For GoodaDirtyShisno210/24 6:20PM
Would u wash bedding again, or is this insane thinking?RJP_X310/24 6:19PM
2 senseless shootings in one dayLemur_Says110/24 6:19PM
Cops kill man after he calls a suicide hotline for help. Good job, officers. (Poll)
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SunWuKung4205210/24 6:18PM
What were your grades in College? (Poll)Kaushad910/24 6:15PM
Why did a man names Jesus die on a roman cross at the orders of Pontius Pilate?WastelandCowboy710/24 6:11PM