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Well, I watched You're Next today.Milleyd311/24 3:42PM
Who the hell went on 856 times yesterday?!
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AwesomeTurtwig3411/24 3:41PM
***PotD Super Smash Brothers U Tournament Topic ! Participant Entry Edition! ***
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chaosbowser4511/24 3:40PM
If an afterlife existed and you died and became a ghostZikten811/24 3:39PM
Is anyone here a fan of the band Circa Survive?
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Kanakiri1111/24 3:36PM
omg she's such a cutieSt_Kevin411/24 3:27PM
Question about blood donation.kratosdakota3411/24 3:25PM
oh hey like new DBZ abridged is up and stuffSt_Kevin511/24 3:15PM
rate my vinyl record purchasesargonautweekynd111/24 3:12PM
PotD, should I get an amiibo for Smash?
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SkynyrdRocker1311/24 3:11PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 30: Fear Vs. Halls Of The Damned (Poll)Ugly Joe111/24 3:04PM
Rate this Villain Day 281 Maxie (pokemon) (Poll)scubasteve42211/24 3:03PM
I bought a new TV during a Pre-Black Friday deal, now to get it installed. Help?
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Melon_Master2411/24 2:55PM
What's the difference between constants and enumeration?Lokarin1011/24 2:55PM
CIS is term created by trans so straights and gays don't call themselves normal
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yourDaddie1911/24 2:45PM
Where is the "Pokmon has failed to innovate option"?Takuru811/24 2:40PM
Just watched "The Legend of the Naked Zelda - A Link to the Ass"Raw_Egg311/24 2:40PM
How come all the worst Avatars got their own series?
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Kanakiri2811/24 2:39PM
my boss confided in me today that
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Zikten1511/24 2:35PM
more people should listen to MLKs message of non violenceMuscles_420611/24 2:24PM