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Who are your favoire Porn Stars
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AwesomeTurtwig5112/27 10:39PM
Do you update your opinion of old games as time passes?
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teh Fro Man1212/27 10:38PM
ATTN: People who believe in evolution. Check. MateSirkukukingz5112/27 10:36PM
Yummiest food you ate on Christmas Day?
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BigOlePappy2212/27 10:34PM
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Is England a country? Or is the UK a country?Metro2412/27 10:26PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Round 1: Match 4 - Rambo vs. Transformers (Poll)quigonzel412/27 10:26PM
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Jimi Hendrix Rocksmith DLC final! (Poll)AllstarSniper32412/27 10:25PM
Why exactly is 2D animation dying in theaters?Metro2712/27 10:24PM
iPhone 6 explodes in man's pants, causes 2nd degree burnsMetro2212/27 10:22PM
post an image of a cartoon character and I'll attempt to draw it with a santahat
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ThePollGuy546512/27 10:19PM
vote for what I should do next 2.0 (Poll)
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bachewychomp1712/27 10:17PM
Why did gamergate become a female bashing fest
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chaosbowser4012/27 10:15PM
So I went to Midnight Mass for the first time tonight...
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Arctic_Sunrise3412/27 10:15PM
I swore off pop for a year but accidentally drank something with it mixed in. (Poll)
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Storrac2312/27 10:14PM
Post Entertaining Youtube Vids Here
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Stupid Pirate Guy1112/27 10:08PM
AirAsia is a Malaysian Airline!!...Bad year for Malaysia.... (Poll)Full Throttle412/27 9:56PM
Rate that tv show - day 630 - Man vs Wild (Poll)Slayer7861112/27 9:50PM
I found one of my old phones, and the batteryhelIy612/27 9:44PM