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I tried to go a day without coffee. I really did.Wyand_Voidbring74/25 5:40PM
Yeaa in the 6.33% (lowest) percentage for todays pollDoubleDare14/25 5:39PM
This Guy killed his G/F and her 3 Kids and then sent Pics to the REAL Dad!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle124/25 5:29PM
Just bought FTL entirely with money I got from selling Steam trading cards.GanonsSpirit54/25 5:24PM
so apparently european parents are fine with their little kids running off alone
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NightMareBunny334/25 5:17PM
i'm bored as a heckMr_Sockyman64/25 5:01PM
Anyone know why my stupid mimic farm in Terraria isn't working?Judgmenl64/25 4:20PM
I just cheated on my boyfriend again. (Closed)
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Sylvia_Dia1044/25 4:04PM
I grew my Xbox One collection pretty heftily this weekend...Solid Sonic34/25 4:03PM
Attn: MelonRaganork1064/25 4:02PM
Thinking of getting this Crossman pellet pump pistol for $38, yay or nay? :x
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Melon_Master434/25 4:00PM
what are your thoughts about studying using audiobookslolamericans14/25 3:52PM
C/D you have been stung by an insect (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY464/25 3:48PM
My new computer is heavy, i would say around 50 lbsOgurisama84/25 3:47PM
about Mista JGamerlicious64/25 3:42PM
Does Scotty know what happened?Metro254/25 3:26PM
my grandpa forwarded me an emailMr_Sockyman34/25 3:14PM
I'm obsessed with having a great butt
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A_SaltySurprise124/25 3:01PM
Are you taller than your dad? (Poll)
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ArchonXD364/25 2:56PM
YOU, you are my favorite poster on PotD.SkynyrdRocker44/25 2:46PM