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So, the past 2 days, my dad had emergency doctor's appointmentsWhatPoll310/29 2:31PM
So it's pretty much confirmed that Elder Scrolls Online isn't coming to console
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JoanOfArcade1510/29 2:23PM
Have you ever fixed a broken controller? (Poll)
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cronotis1710/29 2:19PM
Teleglitch is free! Freeeeee! Now you all can learn how wonderful* it is!
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shadowsword872310/29 2:12PM
What should I eat for lunch?ArctheLad131010/29 2:06PM
I'm getting an anthrogram tomorrow... (Closed)Lokarin410/29 2:06PM
These youtube videos grind my gears!MrArmageddon8210/29 2:03PM
So I wanna make a YouTube channel butnjkking01910/29 2:02PM
I live in America, and I hate it :(
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EternalNether5210/29 2:01PM
Eggs, bacon and toast! Eggs, bacon and toast!SkynyrdRocker210/29 1:57PM
YES! Going to see Circa Survive on the 20thDespondentDeity1010/29 1:53PM
Be my FF8 GFs v2!
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Tutoria3410/29 1:48PM
noodles vs. rice (Poll)
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PollGuy542610/29 1:47PM
How jaded are you? (Poll)
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SunWuKung4203810/29 1:44PM
Miracle Mile has such a darn good soundtrack.Milleyd110/29 1:33PM
if taco bell delivered and weed was legal...LemonDestroyer910/29 1:32PM
So, if I were to delve into the vast ocean of comics.
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Tutoria1310/29 1:28PM
What's the most points you've gotten on imgur at one time.
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FellWolf1210/29 1:01PM
Cartoon Network backs off from First Gay Kiss Ever on hit TV Show!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle3010/29 1:01PM
After a one nighter with a chick on Tinder I've got a real date tonight.Chef_Excellence610/29 12:58PM