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Finally, a Deal With It GIF I likeDeltaBladeX41/27 2:05PM
Someday, cows will start an uprising, and farm us, cut our flesh, andWhatPoll31/27 2:04PM
Why do people on TV shows never say by when leaving?
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Metal_Gear_Link131/27 2:03PM
So, what's going on PotD?CarefreeDude41/27 2:03PM
Stop posting about Anita Sarkeesian since nobody seems to have a clue about her.
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The big problem I have with "Sarkeesian Feminism"
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Are there any games similar to Civ but better balanced?sxcFARTYPENGUIN41/27 1:26PM
Rate my game project (Mostly story)jamieyello341/27 12:57PM
I really, really dislike condescending people.
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potd i have a questionhelIy31/27 12:46PM
Endianness is the devilJudgmenl11/27 12:45PM
How is the Kick Arse 2 game? Worth $3?DeltaBladeX61/27 12:08PM
Final Fantasy series Tier ListMetal_Gear_Link21/27 11:52AM
Who wants to play a short game of PotDer Civilization V
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AwesomeTurtwig421/27 11:21AM
Movies are so dark and serious nowadays. Whatever happened to campy fun?Metro241/27 11:07AM
That is an awesome lego setOgurisama21/27 11:01AM
YouTube autoplay is the worst thing ever
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Link_AJ191/27 10:49AM
so, i might break down and buy TWO do you buy these again?
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ZiggiStardust121/27 10:39AM
get rid of one of your countries leaders (past or present) from existence
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tissue_paper201/27 10:23AM
Think of a Pop/Punk song circa 1999/2000 before entering
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ReggieTheReckless141/27 10:08AM