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Khajiit has wares, if you have coinDeltaBladeX41/28 9:50AM
The last console released before I was born was the CD-i
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kratosdakota3121/28 9:48AM
I broke up with my ex-girl.keyblader198511/28 9:47AM
Why is most European, Australian, and American food so bland?
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JanwayDaahl341/28 9:40AM
Scientology documentary shocks Sundance attendees. Abuse, blackmail allegationsFar-Queue51/28 9:24AM
Elon Musk's Rocket PornSt_Kevin61/28 9:19AM
I've been feeding my cat through a tube for the last month :/sin1ster41/28 9:03AM
Holy s*** my Apple stock jumped $8 right nowErik_P61/28 8:42AM
I always expected the catholic church wasn't going to keep that promise...
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Nichtcrawler X141/28 8:42AM
Japanese adult toy sites have the best Engrish ever.
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DespondentDeity331/28 8:39AM
rate my breakfastMuscles_42081/28 8:27AM
Women name 50 things that baffle them about men (Poll)
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wwinterj25541/28 8:21AM
This 17 y/o Girl was Killed by Police as Protesters say Girls Lives Matter!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle291/28 8:18AM
Today is gonna be a good dayDirtBasedSoap21/28 7:59AM
this woman might have been my dream woman like 15 years ago....Zikten11/28 7:57AM
Question for those watching sleepy hollow (spoilers)Judgmenl41/28 7:53AM
For someone who has always had his taxes done by an accountant, TurboTax is rad.ReggieTheReckless91/28 7:52AM
Which is harder, learning Java or C++?
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IcecubePAL241/28 7:48AM
So my party of 6 managed to beat a dragon when we were all level 2, somehow.IceDragon7721/28 7:47AM
recommend me a song and I'll post a write up about it
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Dazed2684461/28 7:39AM