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Tim Duncan to Appear on Marvel Comic CoverFatalAccident49/18 11:32PM
What the f*** are you listening to?
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gotall10digits139/18 11:27PM
Day 222 Bonus Superhero/Hero/Antihero Mash Up (Poll)scubasteve42109/18 11:23PM
Protip: Always have a bottle of green food colouringacesxhigh19/18 11:20PM
The Completionist has really gone down in qualityJoanOfArcade69/18 11:17PM
What is the most useless videogame related gift you have gotten from family?DeltaBladeX109/18 11:13PM
Nintendo had a canceled game that combined wrestling with volleyball.CyborgSage00x049/18 11:06PM
So kingmichael likes prog rock/metal and hates mainstream musicLemonDestroyer19/18 11:05PM
Anyone here watch JonCJG's machinima back in the day?Metro229/18 11:02PM
I was feeling all mopeybad all day, but then I ate some rice and felt better...Lokarin49/18 10:48PM
this a public PSA service announcementSHADOW010659/18 10:39PM
Would anyone here give a **** if I started a women's only gaming group?
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VioletZer0459/18 10:32PM
I don't know why I expected more from a movie simply titled "Special Forces."S_Fox19/18 10:23PM
Oh damn, I had no idea, but Scotland is voting for its independence on the 18th
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AwesomeTurtwig489/18 10:19PM
is nade duck still impersonating megotall10digits49/18 10:17PM
Good to see some modern rap with a real messageLemonDestroyer29/18 10:07PM
humans are too dependent on wheelsgotall10digits99/18 10:03PM
Rate that cartoon /10 | Day 540| Dragonball (Poll)
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Slayer7861169/18 10:00PM
Super late to the party but I finally got around to watching Death Note *SpoilerDynalo99/18 9:58PM
Have you ever had a wart?
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BigOlePappy239/18 9:56PM