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I need someone to compare my internet speed with.
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T-dus128/31 8:35PM
Wow. Shock Top Raspberry Wheat is pretty damn delicious.Super_Thug44108/31 8:21PM
How's that Donganronpa Vita game?
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Raganork10288/31 8:20PM
Watching Jaws on Blu-Ray right now.... that poor girl :(quigonzel88/31 8:10PM
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WastelandCowboy158/31 8:06PM
REAL Poll of the Day - Your catastrophic system failure
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KOReldor228/31 8:04PM
Cornish Acid's CAME of Evil: Cornish Acid's Masters of Evil of Evil Edition
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Nade Duck1238/31 8:03PM
I got a buch of flea bites. Ughdavf13538/31 8:02PM
Would you date a girl twice your age?
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WhatPoll618/31 7:56PM
MTG Khans of Tarkir spoilersN80568/31 7:56PM
Yugioh TAS is comming back!Judgmenl28/31 7:55PM
Halo 4 TU and achievement hunt tomorrow night!
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ObligatoryFate138/31 7:46PM
after hyrule warriors what should be my next game purchase? (Poll)NightMareBunny38/31 7:45PM
Is this teh win?Lobomoon48/31 7:41PM
It seems like we never hear about furries anymoreJokePoster108/31 7:34PM
Do NSAIDS cause weight gain?Lokarin18/31 7:12PM
There are some days were I kinda want to make a Let's Play seriesAwesomeTurtwig38/31 7:12PM
Which Ninja do you like better (pt2)? (Poll)pionear28/31 7:03PM
just when you think the doge is dead
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SHADOW0106168/31 6:57PM
6% of GameFAQs moved out of their parents house during 2011Lootman28/31 6:51PM