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Total # of people you've had sexual intercourse with? (Poll)
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So FFXV is about a d****ey road trip?
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ZiggiStardust219/18 12:47PM
C/D. gaming is a expensive hobby, but doesnt have to be.
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sonicbn119/18 12:45PM
I have figured an all time cure for rashes. GUARANTEED, no more itchSarouss2519/18 12:41PM
Solid Snake vs Captain America (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link29/18 12:22PM
Counterproductive WarningsNightwind39/18 12:22PM
Which Zelda should I get? (Poll)
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7 Up used to contain lithium.
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kangolcone139/18 12:13PM
Nintendo eShop sale: Week 3GanonsSpirit39/18 12:10PM
What was that site you used to get a lot of cheap psp / ds parts on?Judgmenl69/18 12:09PM
200 active message posted
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Lootman279/18 12:07PM
Is Dankey Kang's Freezy Fiesta as good as its predecessor?GanonsSpirit59/18 12:05PM
Could it be child abuse if you force your kids to workout?Metal_Gear_Link109/18 11:39AM
How many hours do you play video games a day? (Poll)
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castrejon04139/18 11:05AM
omelette du fromage
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Ogurisama129/18 11:05AM
Attn: People who walk their dogs and don't pick up their poop off my front lawnRaganork1099/18 10:53AM
this topic is a test of androids swipe to type interfaces
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Lootman149/18 10:31AM
nihilanth is a lot easier than i rememberNade Duck19/18 10:17AM
imo Advent Children's voice acting is really good, and hell some of the scriptlaery8819/18 10:11AM
about the same? what?ReggieBush0929/18 10:09AM