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What makes someone a "troll"?
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I could kill our cat lately.. Our sons getting a regular sleep schedule setup..
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Is it sexist to be anything by bi-sexual? (Poll)
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Flutershy118/26 6:18PM
Rate This Movie I Watched Today #1 - Drive (Poll)FellWolf58/26 6:13PM
the perks of being a wallflower is a great movie! It's much more than it appears
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Your favourite Pokemon?
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trodi_911328/26 5:59PM
Do you think Lizard People walk among us? (Poll)
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Scientists sign declaration that many species also possess consciousness.
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SunWuKung420168/26 5:54PM
What is the most awesome pokemon card you've ever owned?I_hate_bacon78/26 5:51PM
someone playing five nights at freddys(Video)that laughs everytime he dies
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NightMareBunny118/26 5:49PM
Should I pay my bills or go to the club?
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Terrible_Father178/26 5:48PM