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I still have a DS phatAwesomeTurtwig711/20 10:28AM
Do you think the bible should be banned from selling? (Closed)The_Sexorcist211/20 10:11AM
I feel like today's poll is mocking meRuneofnite411/20 10:08AM
Lol, no. They're not about to throw me into the pool to see if I can swim.Martin_P_Sleazy211/20 10:03AM
this scene is stuck in my head and I don't know what from
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helIy1411/20 9:58AM
If Half-Life 2 isn't the best shooter of all time I don't know what is.
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zpoopinthe3rd6211/20 9:44AM
Can you pick up a Best Buy pre-order at a different store than you ordered at?Koopatrol511/20 9:17AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 278 Yusei Fudo (Poll)scubasteve42811/20 9:03AM
Rate this Villain Day 276 Rex Goodwin (Poll)scubasteve42611/20 9:03AM
wow, last gen mordor looks like dump.ZiggiStardust111/20 9:01AM
c*** magicZiggiStardust911/20 8:19AM
So for Comm 2, we're going over poetry....Krow_Incarnate111/20 8:18AM
blogfaqs.ekenned3911/20 7:42AM
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you are now the pope
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mayu7801711/20 7:15AM
Which is better: X-Box One or the PS4? (Poll)
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EclairReturns1211/20 6:27AM
This is going to sound crazy, but you need to trust me completely.
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VioletZer01711/20 6:12AM
Is Twilight a sneaky parody/social commentary or is it just stupid?OmegaTomHank711/20 6:03AM
So, uhh... Planet Michael.raymanfan1211/20 6:02AM
Would you pay 2000$ in order to have access to footage of your best life events?
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tiago923711/20 5:06AM