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I love machosYuffie36079/15 9:26AM
I'm watching Mussolini in Color on The Smithsonian Channel.kangolcone19/15 9:17AM
Meeting a girl I met on reddit in real life tomorrow.
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Mr_melodramatic569/15 9:05AM
What shops/websites/services do you like to buy your games from?trodi_91189/15 8:57AM
Rice or Boobs? (Poll)
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brisashi229/15 8:56AM
I'm the f***ing foot massage masta!FellWolf99/15 8:55AM
Five Nights at Freddy's sequel has been teased.
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BroodRyu209/15 8:47AM
I'm offended when people call me white
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Action53229/15 8:44AM
Super Mario 3D World is fantastic...why is New SMB such a pile of s***?
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ZiggiStardust129/15 8:41AM
So i'm about to play Uncharted 2. Among Thieves.
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Kimbos_Egg129/15 8:40AM
Anyone here savvy in the US legal system in regards to labor?rodman87079/15 8:36AM
Wee one more day and I'm no longer a sage!Nightwish69/15 8:25AM
This 23 y/o Girl has been addicted to Boobs Jobs since she was 17...Now look!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle399/15 8:19AM
The new turtles are OPyourDaddie69/15 8:17AM
Home sick for a while, what should I binge watch?Storrac89/15 8:15AM
I hate wearing ties.Dynalo109/15 8:01AM
Yeah... I might quit my job.
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pipebomb_phil399/15 7:50AM
I never thought I'd see the day...keyblader198549/15 7:33AM
The other morning as I was heading to work...keyblader198549/15 7:24AM
Stupid Chick-Fil-A.
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WastelandCowboy239/15 7:22AM