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At work today, I was told that I'm not assertive enough.Kanakiri97/31 10:44PM
*opens a pawn shop in PotD* Bring your collectibles here, folks!
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what kind of job do you have ? that you can afford all three?ReggieBush0937/31 10:43PM
I think I found the new PotD multiplayer game
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shadowsword87157/31 10:42PM
~2 hours from now, I'll be leaving to go see Guardians of the Galaxy....Kr0w1Nc4rNa7397/31 10:42PM
most over-rated game of all time? (Poll)
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Nade Duck377/31 10:41PM
My first ever playthrough of Tales of Graces F
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Raganork10737/31 10:41PM
The Black Mesa soundtrack is ****ing amazing.Metro227/31 10:38PM
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Name Video games that have made you cry *Possible spoilers*Ogurisama97/31 10:30PM
Your go to PS1 game.. NOW!
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Dmess85557/31 10:29PM
Do you wear underwear at home? (Poll)PentelPaint107/31 10:26PM
Are you going to see the Guardians of the Galaxy? (Poll)
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LeetCheet317/31 10:25PM
i just got wrecked by like 6 scarabs in halo warshelIy97/31 10:25PM
my friend loves to talk about her bf.
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__Muscles__147/31 10:19PM