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My pee is magicBNVshark123311/26 9:09AM
What's the worst word to use: Oriental, cis, or toon
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Blighboy6211/26 9:06AM
oh boo hoo, gtav first person is too realstic, makes me feel bad feels...ZiggiStardust111/26 9:00AM
FTC vs. Sony Vita SuitBossfella911/26 8:58AM
papercup plays the entire Final Fantasy Series part 5
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papercup2511/26 8:53AM
Hallmark will air Christmas movie with a White Woman in love with an Asian Man!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1811/26 8:51AM
lol Sonyfaqs.
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Storrac5711/26 8:28AM
Just when I thought Apple couldn't get any worse, they f*** up podcasts
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Raganork103011/26 8:28AM
AMAZING BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! Are you buying anything? (Poll)
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Junpeiclover4011/26 8:23AM
Hello everybodySt_Kevin411/26 8:17AM
In South Korea, all males are forced to do 2 years minimum in the military.
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ESMWjot2011/26 8:06AM
If a man PROVED the existence of God with SCIENCE! (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1311/26 8:03AM
Anyone ever put together one of those big lego sets?EzioAuditore947411/26 8:00AM
Will tomorrows Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade be...Trevor_Belmont311/26 8:00AM
I'm going to move in with my girlfriend's best friend.Mr_melodramatic611/26 7:48AM
Only like 4 hours in, but I'm really liking Disgaea D2 so far.Dynalo211/26 7:36AM
ROFL. Schmen's topic was so edgy...
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SunWuKung4201511/26 7:35AM
What the hell is happening?Judgmenl811/26 7:24AM
Did you Start the Fire? (Poll)LeetCheet411/26 7:23AM
i just thought about this (omg sad thought)
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lootwoman2011/26 7:20AM