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E3 is almost here!!!
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Storrac125/5 3:21PM
Something I just noticed about a few of my favourite old RPGsLokarin45/5 3:20PM
Would you vote for Obama if he could go for a Third term? (Poll)
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Do you support the Superhero Registration Act? (Poll)
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Paid for 1 day shipping but they are shipping it 4 days after processing.FellWolf35/5 3:07PM
The f***ing coolest animal ever series - Day 03 - The Anaconda (Poll)
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Zeus135/5 3:05PM
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I feel like a traitor
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GoboWembly145/5 2:59PM
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5TheWorstPoster95/5 2:56PM
We CANNOT afford to have a republican president next
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Metal_Gear_Link445/5 2:55PM
Been beat up and battered 'roundLokarin35/5 2:54PM
Do you own a Kinect or Playstation Camrea? (Poll)
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TheWorstPoster135/5 2:51PM
I think I may have found the best manga ever.
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Gamechamp3k615/5 2:51PM
Hmmm...does anyone here in PotD remember me?
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SamusGlory255/5 2:50PM