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So.. I'm playing battleffield hardline and its making me think a first person..Kimbos_Egg43/27 3:53AM
Did you know Beethoven composed the 9th when he was already deaf?Milleyd33/27 3:29AM
Hey BTB do you have a cell phone?
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ArctheLad13133/27 3:04AM
Let's talk pc, eh?DaltonM63/27 2:32AM
Can anyone relate to me the fears and anxieties surrounding public speaking?
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EclairReturns133/27 1:21AM
Do you play any instruments?
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RayKnight213/27 1:20AM
So I'm watching Death Note as I'm barely awake, and the theme song just changedCaptain_Drek93/27 1:09AM
If you didn't already think that Tom Hanks is the greatest guy on earth:raymanfan153/27 12:48AM
3.1, 95, 98, me, xp, vista, 7, 8, 10
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helIy173/27 12:29AM
My cat just ate a hawkArmor King 10833/27 12:21AM
SpeeD's NFL Pick 'Em League 2015 - Divisions
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SpeeDLeemon273/27 12:15AM
1 ply toiler paper is literally the worst
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helIy253/27 12:05AM
Be careful with chainsawsScooterHodunk83/26 11:59PM
Anyone really good at Magic/Hearthstone?
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jamieyello3213/26 11:57PM
Life Storytime: How I salvaged my senior year prom date (Closed)raymanfan143/26 11:52PM
did milley's music rating topic die?
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Nade Duck123/26 11:37PM
what, just found out we can swear now profanity filter
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green dragon113/26 11:12PM
21 users on my Ignore List.
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Captain-Trips203/26 11:00PM
Can you do me a citizens favour?RoboXgp8933/26 10:54PM
The cab service in GTA IV is so great I never really steal any cars...Captain_Drek83/26 10:20PM